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Other HumanaOne Health Plans

Dental and Vision Coverage

Dental & Vision Coverage

Looking for dental or vision coverage only? Our stand-alone plans offer affordable coverage for individuals and families. Find out more at

Are you a U.S. Veteran?

Get dental benefits and discount services at an affordable price exclusively for veterans. Find out more

Financial Protection

Protect your family. Look out for their ability to handle costs and be insured in the future with HumanaOne Financial Protection.

Individual Health Insurance Plans from HumanaOne

Copay Plans

Copay Plans

These plans require a copay for illness- and injury-related in-network doctor's office visits. They also include coverage for preventive services like annual exams. Choose your deductible and coinsurance options.

100% After Deductible Plans

100% After Deductible Plans

These plans pay most covered in-network expenses, including illness- and injury-related doctor's office visits, at 100% after you meet the deductible. They include coverage for preventive services like annual exams. Choose from several deductible options.

Health Savings Account Plans

Health Savings Account Plans

These plans cover many of the same services as our Copay plans and 100% After Deductible plans, including preventive care, but they're designed to work with an HSA. You can use your HSA to pay qualified medical expenses and to budget for medical care in the future.

Short Term Plans

Short Term Medical Plans

These plans can help protect you if you find yourself without health insurance temporarily. They cover costs for unexpected illnesses and injuries. If you're eligible, you can receive coverage as quickly as the day after applying.

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