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HumanaOne Individual Health Insurance Plans That Fit Your Budget

Humana offers convenience, value and health plans that fit your budget. When buying health insurance, you want the most coverage for you and your family. Humana gives you guidance and support with our affordable health plans. They're easy to buy and help keep costs down. Our health plans are backed by one of the nation's largest PPO networks. And our network discounts result in greater savings for you.



Humana offers the most affordable health insurance for you and your family. You'll find our plans are easy to buy and use, and help keep costs down. These health plans require a copay for illness- and injury-related in-network doctor's office visits. They also include coverage for preventive services like annual exams.

100% Deductible

100% Deductible

Humana offers choice, value and savings. We offer individual deductibles that range from $1,000 to $7,500. The higher the deductible the lower your monthly premium. Humana health plans pay most covered in-network expenses, including illness- and injury-related doctor's office visits, at 100% after you meet the deductible. Choose from several deductible options.


Health Savings Accounts

Even more convenience. When you select an HSA-qualified HDHP, you can open a health account to pay for eligible medical expenses. Humana health plans cover many of the same services as our Copay plans and 100% After Deductible plans, including preventive care, but they're designed to work with an HSA. Use your HSA to budget for health care in the future.

Short Term

Short Term

Need short term health insurance? Our Short Term Medical Plans may be the answer. These health plans can help protect you if you find yourself without health insurance temporarily. Plan features includes coverage for doctor office visits for illness or injury, emergency services, and prescription drugs and more.

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