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Personalized Health Insurance Information on MyHumana

As a HumanaOne member, you'll have access to MyHumana, a secure Website that helps you keep track of your personal health insurance benefits, budget for medical care, and discover more ways to save. In addition, MyHumana offers a convenient view of year-to-date medical expenses so you can keep track of out-of-pocket costs.

What you can do on MyHumana

MyHumana makes it easy to manage all facets of your personal health insurance online:

  • Track medical expenses for yourself and each member of your family
  • See what you've spent and how to plan ahead
  • Check claims submitted and confirm their status
  • Understand your personal health insurance benefits, including what your health plan covers and what you pay for services
  • Access to clear information about provider performance and healthcare costs with online tools like Compare Hospitals, the Cost Estimator, and Physician Profile1
  • Look up treatments your doctor has recommended and drugs your doctor has prescribed, as well as possible alternatives

Personal health insurance saving tips on MyHumana

With MyHumana, you can get personalized, money-saving tips to make your health plan dollars go further. For instance, the Rx Calculator on MyHumana shows whether any drugs you take have a generic equivalent - which could save you up to 50 percent on the cost of prescription drugs.2

Take a tour of MyHumana

Want to know more? See all you can do on MyHumana -your secure member website for managing your health plan benefits. Take an online tour of MyHumana.

  1. Not available in all areas.
  2. Check with your doctor before you change medications or dosage.

MyHumana Mobile iPhone and iPad App

The MyHumana Mobile App gives MyHumana members on-the-go access to health plan benefits and member information. “Find a Healthcare Provider” easily with the great features and accessibility of the MyHumana Mobile App for the iPhone and iPad. Download the MyHumana Mobile App

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