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Kentucky Health Insurance: Open Enrollment

As a part of the Kentucky Open Enrollment, HumanaOne will accept child only applications (children age 18 or younger) for consumers residing in Kentucky each year from January 1st though January 31st. A completed application, with health history information is needed for all applicants.

There are specific qualifying events that will qualify a child (18 or younger) for a child only policy year round. You have 30 days after a qualifying event to request enrollment. Please call us at (866)777-1030 to enroll in a child only policy February through December.

Qualifying event includes child's loss of coverage -

  1. Acquisition of a new dependent child (birth of a child, adoption, marriage, etc.); or
  2. Because coverage under a COBRA continuation provision was exhausted; or
  3. As a result of loss of eligibility for the existing coverage based on:
    1. Legal separation
    2. Divorce
    3. Loss of dependent status
    4. Death of the employee
    5. Termination of employment
    6. Reduction in the number of hours of employment
    7. Employer contributions toward the coverage were terminated
    8. A situation in which an individual incurs a claim that would meet or exceed a lifetime limit on all benefits
    9. A plan no longer offers any benefits to the class of similarly situated individuals that includes the individual