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HumanaOne Term Life Insurance

HumanaOne Term Life Insurance is a simple and affordable way to provide money to your loved ones in the event of your death. It can help replace your income or pay off debts so your family can continue the lifestyle they're accustomed to.

You can apply for HumanaOne Term Life Insurance coverage conveniently over the phone in conjunction with your individual health plan application (you cannot apply online for term life insurance).

HumanaOne Term Life Insurance Optional Riders

  • Premium Waiver in Case of Disability - This benefit pays your policy premium if you become totally disabled.
  • Accidental Death - This benefit provides an additional accidental death benefit equal to your base policy coverage amount. This benefit is not offered on policies with coverage amounts greater than $150,000.
  • Children's Term - This benefit provides $5,000 of coverage for each child, and one premium covers all children in a family.

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