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NEW Health Plans Available For Missouri

The gateway state with multicultural influences reflects new thinking - even in healthcare. From the northern plains to the Missouri River, Misourians are looking for new and exciting ways to stay healthy. Individual health insurance plans can help with your health goals.

You have a choice of HumanaOne Individual Health Insurance Plans in Missouri. Whether you're looking for a plan with all the bells and whistles or just want low cost protection, you could find what you need with HumanaOne.

With Portrait you'll get benefits you'd expect from big employers. Deductibles start as low as $1,000 for in-network single coverage and include a prescription drug benefit with a separate prescription deductible. You'll also experience 100% coverage on in-network doctor visits for covered illness and injury after copayment.

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Monogram plans enable you to lower your monthly premiums by selecting a higher deductible ($7,500/single in-network, $15,000/family in-network). These plans include benefits for preventive care and prescription medications and pay 100% for most covered, in-network medical costs once the annual deductible has been met.

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Autograph plans offer a great blend of features and benefits. Choose from plans that pay up to 100% of the covered cost for most in-network care once you reach your deductible. Some plans offer a prescription drug benefit while others are HSA-qualified and can be combined with a Health Savings Account
for potential tax

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With a Short Term plan, you can have health insurance for as few as 30 days. It's fast and easy to apply. If eligible, your coverage can begin the next day. With a choice of deductibles, it's easy to find a plan to fit your budget. A great option for temporary workers, recently unemployed or young adults no longer eligible under their parent's plan.

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similar to an employer's plan...
with affordable premiums.

I'm looking for low-cost protection
in case something big happens.
I'm okay with a higher deductible.

I'd like a lot of options,
so I have more choices when it
comes to coverage and price.

I'm in transition,
and I only need health coverage
for a short amount of time.

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