Memorial Fund Plan

You can relax, knowing your final wishes will be respected

The Memorial Fund is flexible senior life insurance. You can choose your whole life insurance coverage amount and how long you pay your premium. And if you don’t qualify because of health status, a graded benefit may be available.

Coverage options for Memorial Fund

With this plan, you have a choice of coverage amounts, as well as options on how long you pay your premium

Choice of coverage amounts:

  • Policy benefits for this senior life insurance range from $1,000 to $25,000 in $1,000 increments
  • These amounts are per covered individual

Choice of how long you pay your premium:

  • Life Pay - The policy may continue as long as premiums are being paid and no claim is incurred.
  • 10-Year Pay - Premiums are paid for 10 years and policy is paid up for life or until claim is incurred. This option is available to any individual who’s within the issue age range and qualifies for our senior life insurance coverage.

Details about the Memorial “Graded Benefit”

If you don’t qualify for the Memorial Fund – based on your health history questionnaire – you may be offered a “graded benefit” with level premiums. For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

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Memorial Fund is Kanawha Insurance Company policy Form 00800 1/88 and graded benefit policy Form 00020 3/90. Please see actual policy for complete details.

George's Story

story image "I'm not planning for my funeral. I'm planning for what happens to my family after that."

"Look, I want to think about this stuff as much as the next guy – meaning not at all. But on the other hand, I don’t want to leave my family with bills to pay. Not just for a funeral, but for other things like medical bills. That’s why I chose the Memorial Fund from HumanaOne.

"Applying was easy. I only had to answer a few health questions and I got coverage within days. Now I can spend my time planning for other things that matter – like my 2:00 tee time."

George’s story is a fictional example meant to illustrate the value of the Memorial Fund. Actual premiums vary depending on the coverage amount selected.