Cash Cancer Plan

Ensure financial peace of mind for you and your family

Instead of worrying about your odds of getting cancer, why not prepare? HumanaOne's Cash Cancer Plan is a cancer insurance policy that pays cash to you or your designee to help with unexpected, out-of-pocket expenses.

Why choose Cash Cancer Plan?

This cancer insurance plan offers several advantages:

  • Lump-sum cash payment - This policy provides a one-time payment upon the first diagnosis of invasive cancer or malignant melanoma. You or your designee can use the payment in any way – it doesn’t need to be used for cancer treatment.
  • Range of benefit amounts - Available benefit amounts generally range from $10,000 to $50,000. Benefits may vary by state and may not be approved in all states.
  • Choice of how long you pay the premium - Choose life pay or 20-year pay. For more information, see Plan Details.
  • Level premiums - Premiums for this cancer insurance policy don’t increase with age. See the Frequently Asked Questions for more details.
  • Streamlined application - Just answer a few health questions. You don’t need to get a medical exam.

How Cash Cancer Plan works

If someone on your policy – you or a covered member of your family – is diagnosed with a covered cancer1, you’ll receive a cash payment to use however you want. For instance, use your cancer insurance payment to help with:

  • An unexpected loss of income
  • Travel to national cancer centers
  • Trial or experimental treatments
  • Personal home care and household expenses

The same lump-sum amount applies for all covered family members, regardless of age.

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1 - Covered cancer means first diagnosis and does not include skin cancer other than malignant melanoma.

Cash Cancer Plan is Kanawha Insurance Company policy Form 70130 and optional rider policy Form 70140. The benefits and riders offered are supplemental and not intended to cover all medical expenses. Please see actual policy for complete details. Cash Cancer Plan is for protection in the event you’re diagnosed with cancer in the future. Please don’t apply for this plan if you’ve ever been diagnosed with cancer. Waiting periods apply for pre-existing conditions; waiting periods vary by state.

Jill's story

story image "I have a lot of things on my mind. Wondering if we can afford to fight cancer isn’t one of them."

"A few years ago, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. That’s when I realized fighting cancer takes more than strength and determination. It takes money. Money for costs insurance doesn't pay, for travel to doctors' offices, to make up for lost time at work. That’s why we bought a Cash Cancer Plan from HumanaOne.

"If Travis or I ever have to fight cancer, we know we’ll have lots of questions. But 'can we afford to fight cancer?' won't be one of them."

Jill’s story is a fictional example meant to illustrate the value of the Cash Cancer Plan. Actual premiums vary depending on the coverage amount selected.