Critical Illness Cash Plan

Answers to common questions about this critical illness policy

These frequently asked questions apply to the Critical Illness Cash Plan only.

How are Critical Illness Cash Plan benefits paid?

This critical illness policy pays benefits directly to you or your designee. When you apply, you can note whether your designee is your spouse or someone else. You can change your beneficiary designation anytime.

How does the optional Return of Premium (ROP) work?

If you continue to pay your premiums (with no lapse in coverage) and don’t file a claim, after 20 years you’ll receive a full refund of all premiums paid. For instance, if you purchase the policy at age 30 and don’t file any claims, when you turn 50 you’ll receive a refund of all premiums paid for your critical illness policy. Then, the benefit repeats for the next 20 years or until age 70.

Who can I cover with this plan?

We offer four options:

  • Individual – One adult
  • Couple – Individual and spouse/domestic partner (if acknowledged in your location)
  • Single Parent – One parent and all children
  • Family – Two parents and all children

If you choose to cover children, the coverage amount for each child is 20% of the primary adult applicant’s coverage amount.

What payment arrangements are available?

You can pay your critical illness policy premiums one month at a time, semi-annually, or annually. Payment methods include bank draft, credit card, or direct bill/check (annual billing only). In some states, a $12 annual fee applies to credit card billing.

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Critical Illness Cash Plan is Kanawha Insurance Company policy Form 70620 and optional rider policy Form 70622. Benefits reduce to 50% after age 70. The benefits and riders offered are supplemental and not intended to cover all medical expenses. Covered cancer means first diagnosis and doesn't include skin cancer other than malignant melanoma. Please see actual policy for complete details. No benefit is payable for a pre-existing condition within the first 12 months of policy issuance.

Ben's story

story image "We're healthy today. But life can change quickly, so we're prepared for tomorrow."

"Sure, our family has health insurance. But if one of us has a serious illness like a heart attack, there will still be bills to pay – and perhaps one less income for our family.

"That's why we purchased critical illness insurance from HumanaOne. The $50,000 cash payment can help to replace lost income and cover healthcare costs our insurance doesn't pay. It makes me feel better to know our family will be able to breathe easier during a difficult time."

Ben's story is a fictional example meant to illustrate the value of the Critical Illness Cash Plan. Actual dollar amounts vary depending on insurance coverage and services used.