HumanaOne Accident Benefit Plan

Answers to common questions about accident insurance

These frequently asked questions apply to the Accident Benefit Plan only.

What is accident benefit insurance?

Accident benefit insurance is a type of plan that reimburses the member up to a set amount for out of pocket expenses incurred from an accident.

How is the Accident Benefit Plan different from a major medical plan?

Major medical insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage, for sickness or accidents, typically with unlimited benefits. The accident plan is supplemental, has benefit limits, and does not pay for sickness.

Is this plan compatible with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and Health Savings Account (HSA)?

Additional accident coverage is permitted alongside a qualified High Deductible Health Plan under IRS guidelines. Purchasing supplemental accident coverage generally will not disqualify a Health Savings Account.

Do I have to be employed to enroll in the Accident Benefit Plan?

No. Enrollment isn’t dependent on current or future employment. Anyone up to age 75 can purchase the Accident Benefit Plan. You can keep this policy during your lifetime as long as premiums are paid when due, subject to the termination of coverage provisions

I’m thinking about getting accident benefit insurance for all of my family members. When are kids no longer eligible for the policy?

As a dependent on a family plan, a child can be covered up to the age 18 or 26 if they’re full-time students. This may vary by state. At any time you can purchase an individual plan for your child or adult child.

Is there a waiting period before the Accident Benefit Plan pays benefits?

There is no waiting period for the plan

How is the accident benefit insurance benefit paid?

When you incur medical out of pocket expenses, you will file a claim. We will require the explanation of benefits from your existing insurance company or an itemization of services rendered that includes the dates of service, diagnosis, procedures and charges. Once the claim has been processed Humana will send you the reimbursement payment.

Is there a limit to the number of accidents covered by year?

There is no limit to the number of covered accidents per year. The benefit limit is the maximum benefit that can be applied to each accident.

Do I have benefits outside of the US?

Yes. You will be eligible for benefits when immediate medical care is necessary for a covered accident due to injury when you are traveling outside of the United States.

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Accident Benefit Plan is Kanawha Insurance Company policy form 60860. Benefits may vary by state and may not be available in all states. Limitations and exclusions apply. The benefits offered are supplemental and are not intended to cover all medical expenses. Please see policy for complete details